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SKY SYMPHONY was formed in January 2000, and are now an established kite display and entertainment team.  Our displays at major kite festivals, gala days, carnival days, country and county shows give examples of our wide audience appeal.  We have even appeared on television promoting our fast growing, environmentally friendly sport.


The team has a squad of six members that are truly versatile, and can interchange with each other at any given time, all but one living around the Midlands. We try at all times to display with a minimum of 4 team members.


Our team is well respected in precision team flying and in 2005 had the privilege of flying at RAF Scampton “the home of the Red Arrows”.  With our patriotic theme of red, white, and blue, the nickname we have been given is “the kite flying Red Arrows”.


Our several sets of kites have been custom-built by Air Dynamics, a range of untra-light, standard, and vented T4 kites giving us great versatility and control no matter what the wind – excellence is pre-built into each kite.


We aim with our synchronized, choreographed displays to entertain and sometimes 'amaze' our audience. With 9 sets of kites we can display in most wind strengths, from 1 to 26 mph, but below 'dead calm' even our most valiant efforts to launch the kites would be to no avail.


The displays we give are sheer entertainment including trick flying, pairs flying, a trio, flying kites with no hands (!!), multi kite flying (by one man), and a finale of up to 4 kites in the air.


Our programs can be varied in length from 20 to 40 minutes depending on programme timings and organisers’ requests.  Each of our displays carry a full commentary, with facts and figures about the team, whilst our polished performance is being carried out to the chosen piece of music most suitable for today’s wind.


If you would like more information about the team, contact Graham our Team Manager on: 01789 774588.  Alternatively e-mail


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